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ASAP Translation

Tel : (852) 2264 8323

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Are you looking for accurate, speedy, affordable and professional translations ?

          We give you all four and more ! Qualified, professional translators guarantee you get a clear, precise and readable outcome.  Experienced project manager handle your work professionally and effectively


Can you get all languages translated or are you still searching around ?

        You can get top quality translations into and out of English, Asian and European languages through us, including Chinese (Traditional (Hong Kong & Taiwan), Simplified (China)), Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, Lao, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese, Dutch, French, German, Italian,  Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian and many more....

Do we do translations about machinery / consumer electronic product instructions manual, questionnaire, legal contracts or listed company annual report ?

        Of course we do, our translators are an experienced and knowledgeable lot ! Specialist translation areas include the social, economic and development policy, public administration, publicity materials, corporate and legal documentation, sales & marketing, business & finance, insurance,tourism, mechanics, electrical and mechanical engineering, construction, landscaping; computer science, medical, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and foodstuffs, distribution, market research questionnaires, transport and logistics, training, employment and regulatory documentation.

Are we any good at translation ?

        Our statistic shows that most of our turnover came from repeat clients; more than half the repeats business have used us more than 10 times per month. The highest 5 by volume and contract value clients approached us via other clients' strong recommendation.


         We must be doing something right…

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