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ASAP Translation quality control process consists of three main phases:

Preparation, Translation, and Revision.


During the preparation stage, ASAP's project manager will ensure that client needs have been properly understood and assign the appropriate resources, taking into account customer requirements, document type, subject matter and audience. In some cases, documents for translation are updated versions of previous documents, or part of a set of documents where ensuring consistency is of major importance. Accordingly, the project manager will also identify any existing previously translated materials which could be used, thereby saving the client both time and money.


In the next stage the translator creates the translation in the target language. We understand that this stage must include providing proper guidance to the translator if the client's specific needs are to be met. Our strong focus on job preparation and ongoing support during the translation stage is crucial to achieving the desired results. For assured accuracy, the translator is also requested to highlight any ambiguity, inconsistency or apparent errors in the document being translated.


During the revision stage we appoint a carefully selected reviser to check the translation for accuracy and appropriate style. Importantly, the translation is reviewed against the original document, rather than being read in isolation, to avoid the risk of the translation being plausible but inaccurate. Other activities during the revision stage include ensuring that all late changes and additions to the original document have been incorporated into the translation, that issues which may have arisen are resolved and that the format corresponds to the output format requested by the client.

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